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Our journey started in 1985 when Georges Pelpel, a Macintosh specialist in Santa Monica, CA, started designing small business database applications for clients in the Los Angeles area. Our first major assignment was a financial program for Kis Photo, a leading provider of instant photo processing machines. This was also our first array in the world of Omnis, the database engine we are still using today.

The Kis Photo contract was soon followed by a much larger one involving the development of a project management and financial system for the Los Angeles Art Festival founded by the Walt Disney Corporation.

Armed with an accounting and auditing background, Georges Pelpel was in the process of writing a complete integrated accounting system when he met with Far Fetched Import, a small jewelry manufacturer and distributor. Far Fetched was using Apple Macintosh computers and was looking for a way to manage its inventory and accounts receivable. We delivered them Mac-Controller™, the first multi-user accounting system available for the Apple Macintosh in the Summer of 1985. To this day Far Fetched is still using our products and has successfully migrated its data to our latest tools.

In response to the increasing interest in Mac-Controller, LogiSoft Inc. was incorporated in California on January 24, 1986. We also launched our first advertising campaign in MacUser magazine.

In 1987 LogiSoft released M.D.A. (Multiuser Desktop Accounting), a much improved version of Mac-Controller, and signed a publishing agreement with Circo Business Solutions for its distribution. M.D.A. was advertised in MacWorld magazine and received praises and rave reviews from several computer magazines.

PowerPC Macintosh computers and Omnis 7 motivated us to produce a major overhaul to our applications. Our intend was to design a standard engine we could use for all future developments and on various operating systems. In 1994 Vision offered a superior user interface and compatibility with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Yacht-Club, a club management system for Club Nautique of Alameda, CA, became the first custom application to take advantage of Vision's internal structure and user interface.

The multi-lingual feature of Vision was instrumental in LogiSoft being commissioned to write a project management system, PIMS, for the United Nations University headquarted in Tokyo, Japan.

Macintosh OSX operating system and Omnis Studio, with its modern object-oriented programming engine, prompted us to yet another major redesign. VisionX, released in January 2005, offered a brand new user interface, an easier way to manage data and perform audits, faster performances, and e-mailing and web connectivity features.

Today we are at the forefront of the most recent technologies. But we are mostly proud of the strength of the relation with have with our clients. Not many software companies can advertise serving clients for more than twenty years. LogiSoft is proud to be one of them.